The Comfort Zone (and stepping out of it)


This post began when one friend asked me to try another friend’s gin. I really, really don’t like gin – even the smell makes me shudder – but I was assured that her gin wasn’t like that nasty stuff, her gin was lovely.

Because I’m secretly a nice person I agreed to try it. To be honest, I’d always been a bit sorry that I disliked gin – my first dog was called Gin, my alter-ego is ‘Jinny’ and of course here we are in The Djinn Palace. So many possibilities! Not least the idea of having a cabinet full of those gorgeous bottles I’ve been seeing everywhere now that gin has seemingly re-invented itself.

So off I went to the Gin Festival with an not entirely open mind, because I was thinking along the lines of ” silk purse, sow’s ear”. In my opinion, gin is a peculiarly unpleasant drink and dressing it up in an stylish bottle and giving it a clever name changes nothing.


Gin CAN be very nice actually. Specifically those produced by (shameless plug here) The Spirits of Bronte Drinks Co. I’m not showing bias because it’s local etc, I’m using it as a platform to introduce a series of posts encouraging us all to step out of our comfort zones.  The gin I had (and I had it neat) was smooth and fresh. No nastiness. No sense of dread. I was genuinely astonished at the difference between it and my previous experiences. *round of applause for Sam at TSBDCo* Now I can make proper Martinis.

So, it’s pretty clear how this leads in to my theme of taking a few more risks.

Lately I’ve been a bit like


and this card isn’t as difficult in its meaning as you’d think. It means that you’ve outgrown a belief system, you’re holding yourself back. it’s time to shed an old skin.

Before I tried gin, I’d tried lipstick. I’ve added some colour to my neutral wardrobe. I don’t have toast and marmite for every single breakfast. You see, we often end up stuck in the comfort zone because we’ve got things just how we like them – we’ve found a style we suit, music we love, friends we want to keep. On the face of it, it doesn’t seem like a bad place to be. But honey, it will turn sour if you don’t keep it fresh.

So, enter my new BFF


He’s actually been haunting the readings I’ve been doing for others for a few weeks now. He’s the solution to that 10 of Swords feeling. I don’t feel that I have much in common with this wild and crazy guy (I’m classic INFT) but I think we should spend some time together. I think that he’ll be a good influence on my psycho-spiritual path.

And I’m using a Tarot deck I don’t care for (the Robin Wood), I had curry for breakfast, I bought blue candles instead of my usual black, I have been friendlier to strange dogs…bloody hell there’s no stopping me! I even bought myself…..a RED DRESS! There really is now a cat in hell’s chance you’ll find me perched up on a bar stool, wearing that dress, drinking martinis and flirting with boys!

To be continued.




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