Talking to Spirits


Before I begin I want to define my terms, set out my stall.

I’m not going to spend any time persuading you that the ‘spirit world’ exists; instead I’d prefer to think you are open to the possibility at least of such a thing.

I believe that our physical bodies contain a seperate soul that leaves the body after death (and sometimes before, to travel about).

I believe that there are intelligences that do not possess a body like ours: there isn’t one ‘race’ or ‘species’ of such beings. Different cultures will identify them as angels, daemons, ghosts, faeries, djinn, elves, Manitou and so on.


If you decide that you wish to communicate with incorporeal beings of whatever provenance, here are my suggestions.

  • be calm, be careful, be considered and considerate. Calm breathing; practise meditation – you need to observe and experience these phenomena as objectively as possible. Don’t rush to draw conclusions – “it’s Great Uncle Frank!”- listen, quiet yourself.
  • Don’t be rude. Don’t demand, don’t provoke. If you are fast asleep, do you want some stranger banging on your door waking you up? It’s bad enough when your loved ones do it.
  • I tend to think that if a spirit wants to communicate with you, it will. But you shouldn’t seek it out. Having said that, that’s one of the differences between ‘mediums’ and ‘wizards’ – wizards do more demanding and ordering; that’s how they roll.
  • keep a record of what you experience. Do this as soon as you possibly can. Because it’s amazing how quickly you’ll forget or mis-remember. And, no matter how good our intentions are, it’s in our nature to embellish and make an odd episode into a coherent narrative.
  • Many people like to set up a ‘protection’. You need to figure out what your belief system is here and follow that. Old childhood prayers (if you were taught them) are brilliant – they’re so deeply embedded in our psyche. I will still use Hail Marys or visualise the 4 angels around me (Gabriel, Uriel, Michael, Raphael). Visualise. What makes you feel safe? Is it brilliant white light? Is it green branches? Is it stone polished to reveal the crystal within? Whatever it is, use it. It needs to be something that you can conjure up in your mind’s eye immediately and easily.


  • Why do you want to do this? Is it going to be useful? Interesting? Satisfy your curiosity? Do you feel ‘haunted’ and want to deal with that? Be clear about your motives – it’s ok to be curious, but don’t pretend its anything more than that if it isn’t and be prepared to sort out any worm-cans you open as a result of your curiosity.
  • If a spirit’s interaction with you frightens you, ask it to leave. If it doesn’t, and you continue to be troubled by it, that falls in the ‘can of worms’ category, and that will be another post (probably the next one).
  • If you believe that there is a particularly unique personality communicating with you, then that might be your Spirit Guide. Some people think spirit guides are aspects of ourselves, guardian angels, daemons, familiar spirits, ancestor spirits, extra-terrestrials – again, you might want to establish your belief system. Some people believe we have more than one. Ask questions and listen to the answers. It should be helpful NOT scary or disturbing!


  • I often advise that people visit their local Spiritualist church. They almost always offer development circles. It’s a place to start. However, it isn’t a place for me. I’m not a medium, I’m just open to mediumistic experiences. The Spiritualist church has -usually- nice folk with a clear idea of the After Life, which isn’t mine and of course it is Christian. However it is a place to start and meet people, make connections. You don’t have to go along with it for ever! Similarly you might know other people with similar interests and you can try things out together. It’s good not to be isolated in these early stages, because you want/need  someone to run ideas past, keep you sane, reassure you that they felt it too etc.
  • Bear this in mind: a ‘ghost’ might just be messing with you. It might enjoy the tease. This happens. A ‘ghost’ might be wary of you; it might be interested in you temporarily and then lose that interest. Don’t expect sense or a linear development of a relationship with a ‘ghost’.
  • Finally, it’s not such a big deal! We’ve all encountered a ghost, even if we didn’t realise it. You’re not a wierdo, but you’re not a unique and special snowflake either; the experience is very human! Relax, listen, be polite and things should fall into place.



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