A Beginner’s Guide to the Thoth Tarot #8


So, here’s a list of the cards and some of my meanings. By no means exhaustive, it might give you a nudge if you feel puzzled. I’m keeping it brief, but …well, 78 cards!


The Fool – bang-pow crazy! Brilliant to help you break out of conditioning; devastating if you follow him too far into the crazy

The Magus – does whatever it takes, with whatever he has. Clever, mercurial. Fakes it ’til he makes it.

The Priestess – lunar, intuitive witchy – pay attention to your dreams, to poems, to song lyrics heard by chance. She helps you see beyond the veil.

The Empress – the Great Mother; creative, creatrix. Not just babies, but EVERYTHING

The Emperor – the Father; or, as hippies might say ‘the Man’. Structure, rules, order.

The Hierophant – received wisdom; teaching, learning; going to the library (literally and metaphorically).

The Lovers – decisions, making a choice – what kind of life do you want? what kind of relationships do you want?


The Chariot – identifying your cause, your desire, your ambition, your Holy Grail and heading off in pursuit of it. Going on an adventure.

Adjustment – being balanced; being fair; acting with integrity and understanding laws of karma, of the universe, of life.

The Hermit – sometimes you will find you need to stand alone; figure things out by yourself. Other people are a distraction.

The Wheel of Fortune – everything is changing; it might be good, it might be grim. The only thing that is constant is change. You’re entering another chapter, another episode of your life.

Lust – own your power. It’s your life – don’t be afraid to write your own script. Don’t let other people’s ideas about you define you; be bold!

The Hanged Man – acknowledge you might need to stop and reconsider. Is your ego driving you in the wrong direction? Do you need to give something up? Don’t be a martyr, but maybe you should let go of the reins, give up control.

Death – something is dead, over, done with. But that’s ok – its for the best. Death is part of life, a new beginning.

Art – the Art of Alchemy; transformation. Healing; re-surfacing after a descent into the Underworld (what treasures did you find there?)

The Devil – being in thrall to something else; being held back; giving the darkside more clout than it deserves – laugh, don’t be scared, don’t be a victim.

The Tower – being thrown off course; something you didn’t see coming or something you tried to avoid. It might feel unfair, unkind. It’s a necessary purge; the ultimate all-inclusive detox (body, mind and soul).

The Star – the Light; that bit in ‘Lord of the Rings’ when Galadriel gives Frodo a vial of starlight “for when all other lights have failed”. The Star reminds us that its all ok, everything is going to be alright. We might’ve been lost for a bit, but now we are back on track.

The Moon – spooky, wierdsville, everything is slightly askew…have you been taking drugs? are your hormones playing up? maybe you are a werewolf and not to be trusted when the Moon is full. Watch your step.

The Sun – that feeling when everything is great; the birds are singing, the air is fresh and your cup of tea is exactly the right temperature to drink. Life is good; enjoy it while you can.

The Aeon – the opportunity for a fresh start; a new beginning. Ask yourself -“who am I now? what do I want now?” The answers change throughout your life; make sure they are the honest ones.

The Universe – completion. As one door closes, another opens. It’s all good – hopefully you have learnt to see that .




The Suit of Wands

Ace – Enthusiasm, passion

Two- standing in a doorway, maybe waiting for a signal to move forward?

Three – stepping forward into your life, your project, your adventure.

Four -it’s all going well; feeling a sense of happiness and congratulatory – every one is having fun

Five – needing to assert yourself – dissention amongst other people involved is impacting upon the life/project/adventure thingy

Six – everyone thinks you’re great

Seven- so prove it

Eight – wow! everything is full of light! energy! Make the most of it

Nine – you’ve done amazingly well and should be proud of yourself.

Ten – so now what? Time to think about what to keep and what to get rid of – the energy needs to keep moving and if it gets stuck, it’s not helping anyone.

Princess – unafraid, wild, selfish, full of ideas, passion, enthusiasm – that might be dropped or picked up according to whim

Prince -generous, confident, impatient.

Queen- creative, charismatic, demanding.

Knight -idealistic, driven, a born leader, a bully



The Suit of Cups

Ace – Love, in every single wonderful way. Pure Love,

Two – love between 2 people; finding someone you really connect with

Three – having a few people you really get along with; a couple having a child

Four – everything’s fine, but….difficult to put your finger on the sense of ennui..too many cushions perhaps? same old, same old

Five – “oh what can ail thee, knight at arms, alone and palely loitering?” etc ..something is lost now. Not everything, but enough to make you mopey.

Six – that’s better. The 6 of Cups smells like salted caramel candles, tastes like hot chocolate and hot buttered toast; sounds like *insert favourite music* and feels like the best massage you ever had. Remember how this all feels like.

Seven – so you decide that you are going to devote the days of your life to the pursuit of – buttered toast, perfumed candles and Alcest (or whoever)

Eight – and that just makes things worse really. So, what will make you happy? Because your perfectly planned pleasuredome hasn’t.

Nine – Happiness is transient and beautiful ; perhaps more beautiful because of this. Celebrate it when you have it, but don’t try to trap it.

Ten – hopefully all of this good feeling will allow you to encourage others to find their own happiness. A family isn’t happy, if all the children don’t leave home.

Princess – gentle, dreamy, Romantic, fragile

Prince – a poet, an artist, a dreamer, an explorer of the Unknown

Queen – reflects what others want to see; intuitive, irrational

Knight – friendly, kind, amiable


The Suit of Swords

Ace – making a decision; sense of purpose and willpower

Two – finding a still, silent place; the still moment

Three – someone has hurt feelings

Four – setting clear boundaries; defining one’s terms. Sometimes this card means removing oneself from a situation, usually only temporarily.

Five – a danger of letting yourself down; behaving without integrity; allowing yourself to be taken advantage of (or doing the same to some one else, naughty!)

Six – getting a sense of perspective; being rational

Seven – all those little voices chipping away at the original idea held in the Ace; the voices need to be silenced because they are not helpful.

Eight – you listened to those voices aren’t you? And now look at what’s happened!

Nine – that ‘cruelty’ written on the cards? It means mental cruelty – stop beating yourself up or taking it out on other people.

Ten – enough already. Just. Stop. It’s over. Time to start again.

Princess – the iconoclast; she doesn’t care what she says

Prince – full of ideas and opinions, but often they don’t get an opportunity to actually manifest

Queen – clever, insightful, can be cruel (to be kind?)

Knight – the consultant who will tell you exactly what needs to be amputated. The clever lawyer; the brilliant academic


The Suit of Discs

Ace – an opportunity; a gift. Something with potential to be real (just like a nut has potential to grow into a tree)

Two – change; everything changes – it is absolutely right that things change

Three – all the necessary ingredients are prepared for the seed of the Ace to flourish

Four – keeping the seed safe. Being careful and cautious allows the seedling to gain strength.

Five – worry “like a dog worries a bone” wrote Mr, Crowley. “a misuse of imagination” wrote someone else. It’s not helping a difficult situation, if all you do is fret.

Six – the possibility of a miracle; the glory of the natural world; the feeling you get when you see ALL the stars or an intense sunset. Trust in the natural order of things.

Seven – deciding that the seed isn’t going to flourish so you might as well abandon it and do something else. Based on no evidence (because the seed is germinating underground)Deciding Schroedinger’s cat is most definitely dead.

Eight – hurrah! the cat/plant is alive! And its brought its friends! Your hard work is paying off and now you know what to do, if you decide to do it again.

Nine – expert level gardener. And it’s a real pleasure for you too. You know exactly what to do and have a sense of achievement that comes with independence.

Ten – so now what? You show others how to do it. This is the card of investing and philanthropy. Especially philanthropy. Share the wealth, but share the knowledge of how to become wealthy yourself.

Princess – *the Princess of Discs is special* she is the wood waking up after winter; power from beneath the earth. New beginnings. Finding out your real name.

Prince – hard-working, industrious, helpful, maybe a bit dull?

Queen – she’s seen it all before. Nothing fazes her; she can help you in all kinds of ways

Knight – strong; enduring; solid. His feet are firmly planted on the earth.


These meanings are just a fraction of a hint of all the possible meanings, but they will certainly do at a pinch!



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