The Hallowe’en Tarot


I’m only showing off my gorgeous Hallowe’en Tarot, by Kipling West, after I checked to make sure it is still in print. If you want one, you can still find them easily enough.


It’s a version of the Rider-Waite-Smith. You can see this very clearly in the Minor Arcana.

The Major Arcana deviates more – can you see the Moon in the photograph above? All the symbols are there, but the composition is different.


It’s a colourful deck, with comedic figures, cartoon faces, cheeky sprites and cheerful spirits. Yet it does ‘work’. It can provide clear readings and  touching and sensitive advice.

The Ten of Bats (shown above) is the Hallowe’en version of the Ten of Swords. A Pre-Raphaelite-ish Ophelia, pale, drowned and floating below the water. There’s a sorrow here and yet a sense of peace. The 10 of Swords has been haunting me lately, and this image is almost comforting, whilst delivering an appropriate message.

So, Kipling West’s Hallowe’en Tarot get’s a score of 9 Bats out of a possible 10. It loses a point because I’m hard to please.





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