The Back of Beyond


I wasn’t sure about this post. I mean, I wasn’t sure about the topic and I’m still undecided as to whether or not this will be the final epistle from the Djinn Palace.

I’d only intended to complete a year and I’d only intended to write about tarot-y, magick-y things. Now as October is here and everything is winding down, I’m finding myself in an unusually morose state of mind. I’m wondering if I should continue here (I’m wondering lots of things!) so…if this is one of the final posts, what could I write about?

The question I am asked more than any other is, can I speak with the dead? Am I a medium? Can I tell if someone is alright ‘on The Other Side’ ?

I don’t claim to be a medium and I’m quite sceptical of most who do make this claim. Having said that, I have – I believe – passed messages to loved ones. Sometimes I have used my Tarot cards to facilitate this, but usually the words have come as an inner whisper. I also believe that I have had direct communications with some of my loved ones, including one very profound experience – witnessed by others – which has left me in no doubt that the ‘soul’ survives the body.

As to what happens when we die, I really don’t know. An experience with one of my children suggests reincarnation is a possibility. I feel drawn to the idea that we’re all temporary personalities of one Godhead and that our experiences are all interchangeable. But I really don’t know.


I don’t want to die, because I’m having a very nice time here thank you very much. I don’t think I’m scared of dying now, because when I was ill I realised that I could welcome it. Wherever I go, loved ones have already gone. Sometimes they returned to say goodbye, sometimes they left and didn’t look back.


I think I disapprove of ‘summoning’ the dead. If someone wants to talk to you, they will, even if its in a dream or a “feeling”. I like to think that they visit, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking. I’ve another feeling that it’s not a good idea for the dead to spend too much time in the world of the living, and vice-versa.


In the Tarot, everyone goes on about how the Death card doesn’t mean death, it’s a change, it’s a transformation etc etc etc. Well, sometimes it does mean death you know. However another card that I’ve found to refer to death is the final card in the Major Arcana, the World.


This is the card of completion, and endings and finishing things off. This is the End, beautiful friend. Everything is done now that needed to be done and it’s time to move on.


Have you ever noticed that the World is ruled by Saturn? You know, Saturn – the god with the Scythe? Above in the Thoth version of the card, the Universe (just having the ‘world’ wasn’t big enough for Mr. Crowley and his far-sightedness!) we see the Goddess herself has taken hold of the scythe. She’s cutting things down as much as she gives birth to form – remember sheiseverythingshetoucheseverythingshechangeseverything – ad infinitum.

And who else holds such a symbolic tool? Why Death of course! S/He’s famous for it!


I love this image from the Dreaming Way tarot above. Lady Death, coming to tidy up the loose ends. However, what about the Dreaming Way version of The World, shown below?


An older man, dozes off to sleep in his garden chair.

“..and in death, peace unutterable, joy, ecstasy…” is the promise of the goddess, when it comes to our end. We fall asleep and dance off into the stars.


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