6 of Swords


It’s been quiet here in The Djinn Palace.

I’ve a long list of things I’d like to write about here


13645204_10155025962307729_4056190952818193402_nyet, somehow I never seem to feel it’s the right time.

It’s probably not the right time to write about the 6 of Swords, which has been my card-of-the-week. Above is the version you’ll find in the Morgan Greer tarot and it shows us 2 figures in a little boat. They seem to be heading for a distant shore, or at least, one of them is. The male figure is steering, looking ahead. He feels purposeful.

The second figure is wrapped in a cloak; their face is hidden and so we cannot tell their age or gender. Perhaps it doesn’t matter.

The traditional fortune-telling meaning is “a journey over water” and that fits in nicely with the illustration. And of course you won’t be surprised, if you have been reading this blog, that it can mean so much more than that.

The Golden Dawn (or is it just Crowley? I’m too lazy to check!) name this card “Science” and in part this is referring to  scientific detachment. To reach useful conclusions it is often necessary to use your head rather than your heart.

I love the idea implied within the imagery of taking oneself away, physically if possible, to a place where one’s personal perspective isn’t skewed by the opinions of others. To literally detach oneself from the discussion or issue and see what conclusions are reached.

If I have important internal grappling to do, I’ve found that the best thing for me is to leave my usual haunts and seek out unfamiliar landscapes. In the card above, the land ahead looks misty and unclear. The hooded figure has seemingly handed over decision -making to the boat-pilot.

Of course, you can figure out your own story about what’s going on here. I promise that if you do, it will be relevant to your own situation IF you are honest and authentic in it’s creation. Other, cleverer, people than I have described the Tarot like a Rorshach test, so I’m not being original , but I’ve found this observation to be true many, many times.



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