The Brightest Star of All


The Sun tarot card is pretty wonderful. You might as well just open up a thesaurus at “amazing” and read out all the synonyms.

I’d originally intended to write about the Sun, because it has just been the Midsummer Solstice, but the more I thought about it’s relevance to my own life right now I realised that I was going to write about the dark side of the Sun.

I was really mean yesterday to someone I judged to be weak. Ego-loaded, I told her what I thought, rather than listened with compassion. Let’s leave the complex morality out, let alone bringing spiritual dimensions into it. I wasn’t kind, and I really do like that meme that goes around that reads “It’s better to be kind than clever”, but yesterday I totally forgot that.

The Sun speaks of confidence, enlightenment, courage and happiness. Yet it also reveals pride, arrogance and egocentricity.

I haven’t exactly changed my mind about the opinion I held, but I have tried to temper it with understanding and that has led to a little bit of compassion.

(compassion is my word of the season it seems!)

The Sun is a glorious card. Think how happy you can be on a summer’s day, the blue blue sky, the birds singing their songs of love and battle. When one is feeling this sense of security and joy have you ever noticed it makes you feel unwilling to share it? That you might feel you a misguided sense of entitlement? Smugness? Self-righteousness?

A few weeks ago, someone honestly said to me “I’m a Reiki Master, so I haven’t a problem with my ego”. I’ve been using that as a funny story, but it also encapsulates the dark side of the Sun so well.


Don’t get me wrong – it’s wonderful to feel confident and happy. It’s brilliant to connect with your inner hero(ine) but you must always keep an eye on yourself too: don’t be bombastic, don’t burn yourself up (nor the others around you).


Remember “every Man and Woman is a Star”, that’s everyone, not just you, not just me. We’re all doing our own thing, trying to make the best of the deal we’ve been given. Ideally (perhaps?) we go through a continual process of editing, refining, improvement. The Sun indicates a huge opportunity to make positive advances – but you’d be well advised to remember the bit in Spiderman – “with great power comes great responsibility”.



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