F is for Beltane


The best Beltane festivities consist of flowers, feasts, fire oh and f***ing

Am I allowed to write the word ‘fuck’ in my own blog? It’s just such a shame that we can’t all be enjoying the Rites of May. Setting fire to something, dancing around the bonfire, all of it…we’re all so repressed, and I’m no exception.

We have to maintain our respectability I suppose. Keep our jobs, keep our sanity, keep the roof above our heads and the wolf from our door. But oh, just every once in a while we need to dance. To get our freak on.

I’m really feeling the lack of this wild energy in my own life at the moment -the fire energy, the pull and push of desire, the enthusiasm to do anything. My inner power wanes as the sun increases; I’m a woman of the dark, the moon beneath the earth, the sun under the horizon. However, I’m of a mind to re-set my inclinations this year and throw -or at least attend – a Beltane party. I’ll invite Pan as guest of honour and hope he brings my mojo back.

The above painting is by Sian Levy 🙂 there’s nothing wrong with HER zsa zsa zsu! 🙂




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