The Queen of Wands and the Magical Personality


There’s this idea of the ‘Magical Personality’  and there’s a few ways to approach it and use it to your advantage. The theory is that we construct a self that is  going to work for us in a positive way. Of course we do this anyway don’t we? As we grow up and become socialised, we learn how to behave in polite company. Then we learn to adapt, to fit in.

I love Caitlin Moran’s book ‘How to Build a Girl’ . I love Caitlin Moran anyway and not just because she uses as much eye-liner as I do. Anyway, she describes how her heroine devises an ideal self and then acts accordingly. How she dresses, how she behaves in public – she becomes  ‘Dolly Wilde’ in much the same way that I became the love child of Isadora Duncan and JRR Tolkien when I was impressionable, 12 and lonely. In essence, that’s how you create a Magical Personality.

So, because this blog is mainly about the Tarot, and because today the New Moon is in Aries, I thought I’d write about one of my favourite avatars – the Queen of Wands.


The Queen of Wands really is All That. I’ve known a few personally and admired a lot more who appear in public. (Vali Myers and Kate Bush are both excellent examples)


Any woman who just gets on with it; honest, feisty, creative, alluring, amusing, intelligent, provocative, courageous, challenging, independent, difficult, insightful, original….all of these characteristics are associated with the fabulous Queen of Wands.

So, let’s imagine you’ve a situation to deal with and you feel ill-equipped for it. Well, you either

  • ask the Tarot who might handle it best. In this instance, you take all the court cards, shuffle & select. The one you’ve chosen at random indicates the best candidate. Accordingly, you play the part suggested, focusing upon the element of the suit (do you prioritise money? hurt feelings? being honest? etc) and the role (dominant? helpful? directive? receptive?)


  • deliberately choose who you want to be. (I used to have a post-it above my desk that read ‘What would Morrissey do?’, to help in tricky situations).


Lately, I’ve been experimenting a lot with the idea of the Magical Personality, and particularly with evoking the Queen of Wands. The most interesting results come from dissecting whose feathers are ruffled when you step into a new avatar. You’ve got to be clear about BPDs too…a few weeks ago, someone referred to me as a ‘social chameleon’ and didn’t mean it as a compliment. Does authenticity equate with permanence? I don’t think it does in the slightest!

As always, everything I write here is open to question, discussion, etc


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