Kala Jadu (or, ‘Black Magic’)


My definition of ‘Black Magic’ will not be yours.

For the record, the only kind of Black Magic I encourage in my life is those delicious boxes of dark chocolate (in exchange for a tarot card reading perhaps? I will share of course!)

Black Magic for me is performing some deliberately malicious act: this, for me, includes certain acts perpetrated by the government upon the people via the media. It includes acts of violence against children and animals, or polluting the environment.

Black Magic for me is evident in the pages of The Daily Mail as it encourages negativity thru’ the deliberate transmission of lies. It is within the infrastructure of state education and the fashion magazines. It can be seen in the Church; in practises such as female circumcision or honour killings.

What ISN’T my definition of Black Magic is exploring the occult and magic and challenging  ideas…I do not think that reading about daemonology equates with Black Magic. I do not think divination corresponds with Black Magic. I do not think yoga corresponds with Black Magic…but wait! Some Christians do. Christianity has a great deal to say about it sometimes…is it ok to be a practising homosexual? Or is a sin? Within Christianity there’s a lot of disagreement, so we can’t really expect a definition of Black Magic etc to be clear.

So I’ll help you out: its all about intention. Informed intention, to be more specific. Want to hex your neighbour? well why not find out why first – why are they annoying you? What does that say about you? Explore your shadowy side first…maybe you could change things without anything so crass as a mean-spirited hex. Anyway, maybe find out more about the problem and explore the solutions; look at the context, think about karma (if you believe in karma)….you’ll soon discover this whole idea of ‘hexing and cursing’ is the magical equivalent of being on Jeremy Kyle airing your dirty linen in public…….it’s embarrassing and you become an object of scorn and pity.

Education, insight, curiosity, honesty and love are White Magic.

I mean, look at this cute little face….


The Goat of Mendes – “…the Devil himself..”* wants YOU to do your homework!

*free tarot reading + box of chocolates for those of you who get this reference. 🙂





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