Rose Quartz, and the rant it inspires


It’s not that I don’t appreciate what rose quartz represents – I have a sentimental side and I have my moments of uber-girliness, however….

I do not believe that rose quartz will cure your victimstance. I do not believe that constructing huge pyramids of polished pink stone will bring peace to the troubled Middle East, nor do I believe that wearing a heart -shaped piece of rose quartz jewellery will bring your boyfriend back.

I work somewhere that sells crystals galore and I usually bite my tongue and play nice. I suspect that the preponderance of damned rose quartz has caused that! For broken hearts I recommend tiger’s eye or carnelian.

Rose quartz is a softening agent, a healer yes, but not a source of strength.

And while I’m off on a rant, why would ANYONE install a pixie door? Isn’t that just asking for trouble?

Here are my Top Ten New Age/Witchy topics for rants…what really winds me up!

  • Reiki healers who feel compelled to tell you how high up the Reiki hierarchy level they’ve ascended. Why mention it? It’s the newagewitchy equivalent of flashing a designer t-shirt – so you can afford it? So what? what’s it actually for? are you, perhaps, missing the point?
  • people who prefer the advice of an article in ‘It’s Fate’, rather than that of someone who points out to them the difference between a promotional advertisement and a personal recommendation.
  • those gentle, sensitive souls who need to distance themselves from ‘negativity’ because of the spiritual work they are engaged with. This, surely, is akin to a doctor avoiding ill people or a socialist avoiding the working class. Isn’t it?
  • Wiccans.
  • No, actually, that’s not fair. Some of my best friends are Wiccans.
  • No, actually, that’s not true. So, yes, Wiccans. Specifically though, those Wiccans who want to tell me about the lines of heritage that they are linked to or those that try to persuade me that they are one of the few legitimately entitled to call themselves a witch because Alex Sanders (etc) told them that they were.
  • pretty young things who say they are pagan (or whatever) but then mock other people because they are old, overweight etc (full disclosure: I was once guilty of that and am now paying my karmic dues).
  • tarot decks that replace cards that might prove ‘difficult’ with easier, happier alternatives. Doreen Virtue, I mean you right now, but others will spring to mind.
  • people who go looking for ghosts, then shriek if something spooky happens. “Is anyone there?” *tap* Screams and runs away. How ill-mannered. It’s the mediumistic equivalent of knocky-door-ginger.
  • anyone who ever claims to be more highly evolved than the rest of us; anyone who maintains that their DNA has been tampered with by Pleidians or that their thinking processes are “higher” – you know the sort.
  • I’m up to 10, but

10 (a) Angels – are they really that interested in you? Really? Go and read the Old Testament or something, then come back and try and persuade me that they are leaving you little white feathers to encourage you to go in search of your dreams.

10 (b) Fairies – are almost certainly not that interested in you. Unless they want to vex you. Nor are they enchanting little cutsie-pie frolicsome mischief-makers. They’ve got other fish to fry.

Finally the whole 11:11 thing.

It’s fun, but usually mine is 21:12 because I enjoy Rush and kind of love Geddy Lee. I prefer to think its not a sign of radical paradigm-shifting changes, or whatever because I refuse to believe only those with regular sightings of digital clocks would be getting those messages. Because that would imply only those in the West would be getting them, and surely that’s not true? If I was a particular kind of multi-dimensional entity, I’d fix those clocks to show a countdown.



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