Hecate and the Dark Moon

800px-William_Blake_006   William Blake is one of my all-time, top-ten heroes. He’s in my personal pantheon, kind of a Corrinistic version of Jesus, if you like, because he does talk about God in a ‘God the Almighty’ kind of way, and he didn’t really approve of Hecate. I don’t mind, because his  Universe contains so much more than that.

However, this post isn’t about Blake. He’s mentioned in passing because of this painting, of Hecate, a goddess who represents the Witch; the clever, cunning, conniving, contriving …Hecate is a ‘proper’ witch. In my personal pantheon, she’s grandma.

Hecate is associated with this time of the month when no moon is visible in the sky. It’s called ‘the dark moon’, and it’s a good time to. Just. Stop.

A time to take a break and have a bit of a think. Imagine Hecate putting the kettle on, inviting you to sit at her kitchen table and engage in a bit of clever plotting. What kind of advice would she give you?

Hecate doesn’t want her granddaughters to be victims, she certainly doesn’t want them to be stupid. And as life can be busy, crazy, demanding, upsetting, enthralling, amusing, distracting….she suggests that its beneficial to check in with her every so often and just….think things over carefully.

This isn’t however a time for tarot-reading; my cards are silent, it doesn’t matter how many times I shuffle and ask. I’ve learnt over the years to respect these periods of apparent emptiness and to listen more carefully to the whispers of Hecate.

This is a perfect time for honest conversations with one’s self.  At some point, I daresay I’ll start going on about doing one’s True Will, or being on the right path, or listening to one’s Higher Self. It all amounts to the same thing.

This week, I had to think about how I see myself (astrological sidenote: if you are born at the time of the New Moon, your personality is strongly -too strongly sometimes – tied up with your physical self.). I don’t want to make this blog too personal, but I want it to be real. To help myself  come to a decision, I had ‘conversations’ with Hecate about the dilemma. And there might have been a little bit of ritual summoning involved, but no harm came to any goat at any crossroads, so it’s okay!

The role of Hecate is of course, played by me.  It’s important to remain true to her character though…Hecate as an uber-Granny, with tricks up her sleeve, strong opinions (my Hecate is a libertarian-eco-feminist) and is likely to be cruel to be kind. It is important to see the imaginary tea-party through to the end – set aside at least an hour –  and to be open to her contacting you afterwards because she’s just remembered something.



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