10305053_10154330940217729_1549816525910478716_n One of my Resolutions for this coming year is to conquer my fear of looking like a pillock. Dressing up to resemble a pumpkin at a party last night was a start; writing this blog is another. I’d never realised what a fear I had of being read and, theoretically, judged & found wanting I had.

So another intention: to find my voice and express myself. That certainly seems worthy enough for a Samhain resolution.

The pomegranate? I eat one, with ceremony, every autumn. The ceremony is in honour of my namesake Kore-Persephone. It doesn’t matter no one joins in, in fact it’s better that way. I spend quite a bit of time exploring the dark, mapping the Underworld so it’s important to keep up diplomatic relations!


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